Best of the Web 2017 Competition

This year’s deadline is right around the corner. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this competition, here’s an overview of the contest guidelines, how to apply, and some examples from last year’s winners.

How to submit:

The competition website will launch around March 8 and will be located here: Submission deadline is April 16, 2017.

What is Best of the Web?

The competition is an annual web and app design contest co-sponsored by the Communication Technology and Visual Communication Divisions of the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC). Web or app entries submitted to this competition must advance education or research in journalism and/or mass communication. The contest is open to faculty and students who work for or attend an institution that is accredited by AEJMC, or are current members of AEJMC.


Projects may be entered in one of four categories:

  • Individual/Team/Single class designation for web and app

The individual/team/single class categories consist of entries that have been designed and created by an individual, a small team or a single class.

  • Multiple class/Institution designation for web and app

The multiple class/institution categories consist of entries that have been designed and created by several classes collaborating on a single project or by a school or department collaborating on a single project.

Web and app design professionals and academics with a background in web and app design technology will be judging the competition. Judging primarily focuses on the design, presentation and technological components of the project.

Examples of last year’s winners
As the first place winner in the individual/team/single class website category, Dome 35 takes a comprehensive look at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome, one of the best-known collegiate stadiums in the country, during its 35th year of operations. The site showcases the work of 25 junior, senior and graduate student journalists enrolled in the Newhouse School’s Web Journalism & Innovation class.

Their projects revolve around five main topics: sports, people, the building, events and community. Content explored in the class and used in the project includes 360-degree video, time-lapse video, social-media engagement, and data scraping, analysis and visualization.

In the multiple class/institution category, the Memphis Mirror website is a project of the Multimedia News Lab, the capstone news journalism class at the University of Memphis. According to the website, the “goal of the project is to hold a mirror to the city of Memphis and reflect the various cultures, religions, identities, abilities and truths the city has to offer.” The project uses audio, video, maps, photography and infographics.

Please spread the word among your colleagues and students and encourage them to submit entries. If anyone has questions, I’m available via email at

See you in Chicago!

Susan Zake

2017 CTEC Chair, Best of the Web

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