Welcome to the AEJMC Communication Technology Division (CTEC)

Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the AEJMC Communication Technology Division! We are a forward-thinking division focused on the intersection of the fast-changing world of technology and the impacts on mass communication.

Our division acts in the three main areas of AEJMC: Scholarship, Teaching and Professional Freedom and Responsibility. In terms of Scholarship, we run one of the largest paper competitions in AEJMC and also led in the creation of the Midwinter Conference, where we still have new research presented each year. Beginning in 2015, we also publish the Journal of Communication Technology. We welcome your contributions of your own scholarly work.

In terms of teaching, we co-sponsor the annual Best of the Web competition, honoring top work created by students and by faculty using technology in the service of pedagogy. Our membership is international, and we regularly share ideas for teaching about and using technology in our social media channels as well as in AEJMC panels. Please find us on Facebook and Twitter and add your voice to the conversation.

Finally, as regulations and ethical codes seek to match what one should do with what can do, we regularly consider the professional freedom and responsibility aspects of communication technologies in our programming. A special opportunity will be at the San Francisco AEJMC annual conference, as we are co-sponsoring a special panel on the right to be forgotten in the digital space and the international implications.

We would like to personally invite you join us now online or at our Annual or Midwinter Conferences. I’d especially encourage you to join our division. Just click on the “about” link for membership information.


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