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Welcome letter from the division head

hyosun-kim_picWelcome to CTEC! I am excited to lead the CTEC division for the 2021–2022 conference in Detroit. Thanks to your support, the CTEC division was able to meet the division’s goals in the past year, although we met another challenge in holding the conference online due to the ongoing pandemic. The number of submitted papers for refereed research exceeded previous years. Additionally, we collaborated with a variety of divisions and interest groups for the panel sessions to discuss timely topics, ranging from remote teaching during the pandemic and artificial intelligence technology in communication disciplines.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work that you all put in for your paper submissions and panel proposals during such unprecedented times. We appreciate all the presenters and panelists who discussed state-of-art research agendas and a wide spectrum of communication technology topics at the conference in August 2021.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading divisions in terms of membership and paper submissions. To continue to grow as the one of the leading divisions and to meet the members’ expectations, we have revamped the division office with new officers and new positions. Because AEJMC will be returning to in-person meeting at the Detroit conference next year, we hope to facilitate a better in-person conference experience in 2022.

This year, CTEC will launch a journal publication committee to raise awareness of the AEJMC CTEC-owned journal, Journal of Communication Technology, and to contribute to quality research in the areas of communication technology. To this end, the journal liaison who is the committee chair will closely work with the editor of the journal. The officers at CTEC have been contributing their expertise in teaching and research to the CTEC community by providing resources and sharing their knowledge. We hope to expand the opportunity to contribute to the CTEC community this year and encourage more participation of members. To foster CTEC members’ engagement to the community and recognize their contribution to the field, we will feature members’ research, teaching, and applications of technology in industry via our communication channels. Also, with help from the graduate student representatives in our office, we will include more graduate students’ perspectives to encourage graduate student engagement in our community.

Once again, we appreciate your support and interest in the CTEC division. We look forward to engaging with you!

Hyosun Kim
AEJMC CTEC Division Head

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