Welcome Message

Welcome to the AEJMC Communication Technology Division!

horning_headshotWe are a forward-thinking division focused on the intersection of mass communication and the fast-changing world of technology.

Membership in the CTEC Division provides opportunities to engage with other scholars in this area, professionals in the industry, and education around changing technologies in teaching and research. CTEC strives to create a sense of community for our members through our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

This year CTEC is gearing up for AEJMC 2021 in New Orleans and is very excited for the collaborative opportunities that will be available for our division.

Be sure to sign up for our listserv to receive up-to-date information like panel calls, paper calls, job opportunities and more.

If you are not yet a member, joining is easy! Just visit the AEJMC website to add CTEC to your roster of memberships.

We look forward to engaging with you this year!

Mike Horning
AEJMC CTEC Division Head

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