Industry Research Forum: Two $1000 research awards available

The interdependence between the academy and the professional and industry organizations it serves provides an opportunity for collaboration on research that can benefit everyone.

The Council of Affiliates of AEJMC, which consists of 35 member organizations related to the fields of journalism and mass communication, is sponsoring an Industry Research Forum designed to strengthen that academy/industry link.

Council members have put forth several ideas for research that they feel would help the business. The council is inviting applications for two $1000 awards to researchers willing to take on one of their suggested topics or to develop a topic relevant to industry needs. The award can be used to assist in the research and/or travel to the AEJMC conference in Chicago August 9-12, 2012, to present the research. The session is slotted for Saturday, August 11, 8:15-9:45 a.m.

Applications should include a two to three-page abstract developing the topic and methodology, a timeline for the research and a brief bio illustrating why you have the background to complete this project. Applications are due by March 1, to Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, chair, AEJMC Council of Affiliates, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University, North Miami, FL 33181; 305-919-5203. Please send electronic version to

For more information please click here.

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