Reviewer Call for AEJMC 2012

Dear Colleagues,

With the AEJMC deadline of April 1 now quickly approaching, the Communication Technology division is seeking reviewers for its 2012 AEJMC paper competition. In the last two years, CTEC has received record numbers of submissions. As it is almost certain that CTEC will again field a very large number of paper submissions, I kindly ask that you volunteer to review for the division—and, in order to help keep your own commitment more manageable, recommend just one colleague to review as well.

The submission process will again proceed through the familiar online All-Academic system, which of course provides the option to print manuscripts for review. Reviewers will have slightly over one month to complete their reviews, and depending on the total number of submissions, I will attempt to assign no more than three papers per volunteer reviewer.

If you would like to serve as a reviewer, please take a few minutes to email me at with the following information:

1. Your name and current email;
2. Your current affiliation;
3. Your area of specialization and preferred methodologies;
4. Your willingness to be a moderator and/or discussant for a CTEC panel.

As a general rule, we do not employ student reviewers for CTEC research papers, but do encourage students to submit their work to our division and participate in the Jung-Sook Lee student paper competition.

Thank you for your consideration. Your service to the division as paper reviewer and session moderator/discussant is deeply appreciated.

All the best,


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