Exciting Panel Collaborations for AEJMC 2019!

The 2019 annual AEJMC conference promises to be another exciting year for CTEC with lots of great interdivision collaborations and partnerships with up-and-coming interest groups. With our focus on how new communication technologies are changing media and society, CTEC is well-positioned to collaborate with potentially anyone at AEJMC! For a sneak preview of this year’s conference, check out these awesome AEJMC collaborations:

One of our most consistent interdivision partnerships throughout the years has been with Visual Communication. Like every year, be sure to check out our annual Best of Digital Competition panel, which showcases the winners of our annual Web and app design contest. This year we are also co-sponsoring two PF&R panels with VISCOM. The first panel, Visual Technology Changes Us, will discuss how innovative digital camera technologies like drones, augmented and virtual realities, and ocular implants influence visual communicators in their image production. The second panel, The Pedagogy of Coding for Media Production, will discuss the current state of coding classes in communication programs nationwide, followed by specific discussions of mobile app creation.

This year we will also be partnering with Cultural and Critical Studies on a research panel: Digital Methodologies: Merging Culture and Technology. This panel will explore the use of digital methodologies in social and cultural research as well as issues relating to doing research digitally. In addition to research panels, we will also be collaborating with other divisions to explore teaching technology in the classroom. The first panel, Social Media Management: Teaching Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Content Strategy, is co-sponsored with Media Management and Economics. This teaching panel is aimed at sharing ideas, skills, and knowledge of teaching social media analytics, social media marketing, and content strategy. The second panel, J*4: Four Views of the Next Generation of News, is co-sponsored with Electronic News. This panel will identify four trends in journalism that we need to consider as we teach journalism at every level and address the influence of various digital technologies on these trends.

In addition to interdivision collaborations we are also partnering with interest groups for a research panel and a teaching panel. Don’t miss our collaboration with Entertainment Studies for: Video Games as Research: Discussing Upcoming Research and Methods. This research panel will discuss how video games are being used in contemporary communication research and how video games could be used in future research. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our collaboration with the Graduate Student Interest Group for the panel: You’re Teaching A Class- Now What? Curriculum Development, Textbook Adoption, and Optimizing Technology to Engage Undergraduate Students. This teaching panel will go over various strategies for preparing an exciting new course and address aspects like technology in the classroom and online vs. traditional classroom pedagogies.

We look forward to continuing to build new collaborations with other groups and divisions and seeing everyone at this year’s conference!


Cindy S. Vincent, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Media & Communications
Salem State University

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