Call for Associate Editors – 2019

Application Deadline: March 15, 2019

Assume Duties: May 1, 2019

Call for Applications/Nominations

Journal of Communication Technology, Associate Editors

Officially Assuming Duties May 2019; Overseeing 2019-2022 Volumes

The Communication Technology division of AEJMC is seeking applications/nominations for Associate Editors of the Journal of Communication Technology. The appointed Associate Editors will begin processing manuscripts early in 2019, officially assuming duties May 1, 2019 and overseeing volumes for 2019-2022.

Description of the Journal

The Journal of Communication Technology is the official journal of the Communication Technology division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The expressed aim of this journal is to bring together research that facilitates discussion and cultivates understanding of the ways in which communication technologies are changing not only media processes and content, but also audiences, institutions, and society at large. Since communication technologies themselves have now come to fulfill a central, social role in virtually all forms of mediated communication, JoCTEC welcomes scholarship from a broad area of inquiry. Provided that the focus pertains to communication technologies, this includes but is not limited to studies of social media, advertising, science, networks, health, politics, history, policy, public relations, management, economics, ethics, minorities, and visual communication.

Requirements and Responsibilities

The Associate Editors must be a member or become a member of AEJMC Communication Technology division at the time of application/nomination and must maintain membership in the Association throughout the editorial term. The Editor must attend all CTEC conventions throughout the term. Additional responsibilities include the following:

  • Promoting submissions to the journal.
  • Providing timely decisions and suitable feedback to authors.
  • Assembling issues according to the publication schedule.
  • Providing annual reports to the CTEC Division’s Executive Committee.

Application/Nomination Process

Applicants/Nominators should develop a letter addressing the following points:

  • A commitment to serve if elected.
  • Editorial philosophy and ability to meet editorial responsibilities.

Application/Nomination materials should also include:

  • A current vita.
  • A letter of motivation outlining past experience and interest in this appointment
  • Names and contact information for two people who can serve as references for the applicant/nominee.

Application/Nomination materials must be received no later than March 15, 2019. Interviews with applicants/nominees and select members of the CTEC Executive Committee and the Journal’s Editor may occur via telephone or Zoom.

Please address any queries about the positions to Jacob Groshek, the journal editor at

Please contact Pamela Brubaker, the 2018-2019 head of CTEC at, regarding your intent to apply and to submit application/nomination materials.

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