AEJMC Annual Meeting Paper Submission Tips

Here are a few guidelines to remember while making your AEJMC submission. If you are submitting using Word, you can check Felicia’s instructions for ensuring blind review. She has clear instructions for many programs/operating systems. Here is the link: uploads/2013/12/Ensure-a-Blind-Review.pdf

But if you are uploading a pdf file, it might not very easy to ensure blind review. Remember that your PDF may also have author information. To remove this, take the following step.

  • If you have Acrobat Pro: Click “Tools” in the tab on the right, then go down to the “Protection”section, and click “Remove Hidden Information.
  • If you do not have Acrobat Pro, but have Safari or Firefox: Open your PDF using your browser. Go to File > Print, and in the Print dialog box, click “PDF” in the bottom left. This will save your file as a new PDF, but allow you to edit the title and author info manually (delete the Author Name here).
  • If neither option above works for you (and you still want to submit a PDF), you can download a free third-party PDF creator, and re-create your PDF while saving the information in there.”

Hope this information will be useful for you as you prepare to submit your papers for AEJMC.

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