AEJMC 2021 Paper Competition—Call for Reviewers

The AEJMC Communication Technology Division (CTEC) invites you to serve as a reviewer for the 2021 AEJMC CTEC paper competition. To serve as a reviewer, we ask you to fill out the brief survey below where you will have an opportunity to indicate research areas as well as whether you would like to act as a discussant or moderator for the CTEC sessions. We will do our best to limit each reviewer’s assignment to 3-4 papers and match them to your research expertise. 

Please take the following steps by Friday, March 5th. 

1. Respond to the reviewer survey:

2. If you haven’t already, create an account at the AllAcademic 2021 website:

We expect to assign papers to you by early April. Reviews must be completed and submitted to AllAcademic by Friday, April 30.  

Thank you for supporting the AEJMC Communication Technology Division. We know this is a major undertaking and appreciate your time and effort in this. If you have any questions, please contact Hyunjin Seo, AEJMC CTEC Research Chair, at

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