Good-to-know information about this year’s VIRTUAL AEJMC conference

  • If a presenter misses their presentation due to any issue that is not stated to the moderator or CTEC Research Chair prior to the start of the session, the presenter is penalized and the accepted research cannot be listed as being presented at the conference.  However, if the presenter can get a proxy to present the paper in their place, then that is acceptable.
  • Registrants will receive a unique login tied to your email address about 5 days prior to the start of the conference, if you have registered by the Early Bird Deadline.  If you register once the conference starts, you will experience a delay before you receive your login information, this can be up to 4 hours.  You are encouraged to go to the conference virtual site launch page to make sure that your credentials are valid.  You WILL NOT be able to launch the conference before Wednesday, August 5, however, if you type in your valid credentials, you should receive some type of confirmation that your information is correct and valid.  There should be no other reason why the site would not launch for an attendee if the prior information is correct.
  • Because of the number of simultaneous sessions occurring, there is no flexibility in the 90-minute allotted time for sessions.  Your session will automatically stop at 91 minutes.  There will be a timer displayed for the duration of your session. If you wish to continue a conversation after a session, you can ask attendees to meet you at the CTEC Booth, which has a chat feature, or in the Conference Lounge, which also has a chat feature.  There is no video chat.
  • Breakout Sessions through Zoom are only available for the Scholar-to-Scholar and High Density Sessions.

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