Annual Report

The Communication Technology Division continues to provide a balance of activities in Research, Teaching, and PF&R dimensions. This year, the division received more paper submissions for the national convention in Washington, DC, which allowed us for the first time in several years to increase our traditionally low paper acceptance rate while at the same time maintaining the high quality of research presented in CTEC sessions.

Download the complete CTEC 2012-2013 Annual Report

AEJMC CTEC Annual Report 2012_2013

At the annual convention we sponsored or co-sponsored seven competitive research sessions, including two high-density sessions, one scholar-to-scholar session, and two poster sessions as well as the Jung-Sook Lee Student Competition and the Top Faculty Paper session. We also co-sponsored four panel sessions: one research, two teaching and one PF&R. In addition to sponsoring and co-sponsoring sessions, CTEC continued to provide cash awards to both our Jung-Sook Lee student paper winners and the co-sponsored “Best of the Web” winners (the “Best of the Web” award costs are shared with the co-sponsoring Visual Communication Division). This year, CTEC was the leading division for “Best of the Web.” The division has also secured funding for the Gene Burd Communication Technology Division Research Award, which will be awarded every year, starting in 2012. These are concrete evidence of our commitment to supporting top-quality contributions to the field.

We also continued our leadership role in planning the 2011 Midwinter Conference. The division coordinated the recruitment and selection of an event host and arranged meetings of division representatives to plan the event. As this year closes, we are once again planning to assist the other interested divisions to select a host for the 2012 Midwinter Conference.

In addition, we are continuing to explore the possibility of starting a division research journal. A task force has drafted a journal prospectus this year and has been in conversations with publishers as well as potential editors. One publisher, Librello, has expressed a willingness to publish the journal, and it is expected that the division members will vote on the prospectus at the business meeting (though Routledge is also still considering the option). The journal effort will remain one of the main goals of the division in the coming years as well.

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