CTEC Spring Newsletter


Photo by: Moyan Brenn

Find out CTEC updates and information for this summer’s national conference in Montreal in the spring newsletter! Read more here.

AEJMC Call for Papers


The AEJMC Call for Papers is out and waiting for your submission! This year’s conference will be August 6-9, 2014 in Montreal, Canada. For more information on how to submit please visit http://www.aejmc.org/home/scholarship/calls

AEJMC Mid-winter Conference


Just a reminder that the AEJMC Mid-winter Conference is quickly approaching. This year’s conference is February 28-March 1 and will be held at the University of Oklahoma. For more details please visit the Mid-Winter Conference page. For registration information please visit: http://www.ou.edu/content/gaylord/outreach/aejmc_mid_winter.html

Photo source: www.facebook.com/GaylordCollegeAlumni

CTEC Fall Newsletter



Photo by: Barbara

The CTEC Fall Newsletter is now available under the Documents section here. Enjoy it with some apple pie!

AEJMC Midwinter Conference 2014

The details for the AEJMC Midwinter Conference 2014 are now available online and can be viewed here. The deadline is December 1, 2013. For more information please contact Elanie Steyn, Conference Site Host (elanie@ou.edu).

Facebook Group


For a more conversational forum to discuss current topics and events with other CTEC members please visit our new Facebook Group:


2014 Officers

Say hello to our new and returning CTEC officers! For contact information please visit the Officers page here.

Division Head: Carmen Stavrositu

Division  Vice Head: Amanda Sturgill

Research Chair: Bart Wojdynski

Co-Research Chair: Porismita Borah

Teaching Chair:  Jessica Smith

Professional Freedom & Responsibility Chair: Jessica Gall Myrick

News Letter Editor: Jiran Hou

Membership Chair:  Monica Chadha

Best of the Web Competition Chair: Jeanine Guidry

Web/Social Media/Listserv Chair: Cindy Vincent